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A Vegan Travel Guide: 5 Tips to Never Go Hungry

“Where can I find vegan food options?” is a question we’ve all wondered when traveling outside our go-to spots. My blog post featured on The Travel Coach Network gives all the tips and resources you will need for navigating travel with specific dietary requirements!

Eat More Plants, Live More Years

The foods we eat should fuel us so we can live our most fulfilling lives, not put our health at risk. My contribution to Seedling Magazine (p. 14-16) sheds light on the role of diet in disease prevention. Learn how you can experience the physiological benefits of incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet.

Royal Caribbean Vegan Options

Choosing a vegan-friendly cruise line will ensure a satisfying vacation when traveling with dietary preferences. Here I share my experience with finding vegan options on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. I discuss navigating the buffet, an incredible vegan menu in the main dining room, and other finds throughout the ship.

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10 Wellness habits to practice in quarantine

Nurturing our health and wellbeing is more crucial than ever as we navigate uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. My article for Vegans Baby outlines 10 of the best things we can do for ourselves to understand and honor our needs.

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10 ways to stay healthy, productive, and sane while working from home

Whether you work from home now or hope to in the future, a healthy work life balance is key. Without regularly practicing healthy and sustainable work from home habits, the adjustment can lead to burnout. My blog post for Hill and Horizon gives you all the tips you need to live your best work-from-home-life possible

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7 manifestation tips to get everything you desire

As a ghostwriter for the internationally syndicated brand, The Right Method, I contribute 6 articles per month to provide members with insight in the areas of motivation, business, and holistic living. This particular article inspires readers to practice mindfulness in order to manifest their greatest dreams.


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