i know the pain of settling...

You want to feel more harmony in your life as you do more of what excites you. You have dreams you want to bring to life and want to break free of feeling stuck.

I know how overwhelming it feels to keep up with a to-do list that doesn’t even represent your true passions. You deserve to replace your desire to live a more fulfilling life with actually living a more fulfilling life.

You want to:

•Wake up every day feeling present and excited about what you're doing
•Feel empowered with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to move through experiences that are holding you back from moving toward what you want
•Build self-trust and confidence by showing up for yourself and your goals
•Feel safe to be yourself as you connect with a like-minded, compassionate mentor who values you and your experiences

You know you’re not meant to go through your days feeling uninspired and overwhelmed. And you don't have to.

it's valid to want more.

I’m here to help you build the self-trust needed to overcome the energetic and emotional barriers keeping you stuck. You don't just want to affirm that you deserve more; You actually want to feel the joy and fulfillment you deserve.

My greatest joy is guiding you through uncertainty to peace and clarity. With an open mind to holistic healing modalities, you'll deeply connect to your inner-power so you can live more fully in your truth.

Feeling stuck doesn't mean you lack discipline or willpower to change. It simply means you haven't had the right tools and support to understand and work through your unique and valid experiences and feelings.

When we work together, I treat your wellbeing and passions as my own. I help you move toward more of what feels good and leave the rest behind.

Holistic healing sets you free and allows you to enjoy more inner-peace and lasting fulfillment- are you ready to experience that for yourself?

there is no better gift we can give ourselves than showing up for ourselves, healing, and living intentionally.

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1:1 holistic life coaching + healing

You're ready to work with a compassionate and supportive mentor to guide you in coming home to your true self. Experience more inner-peace and confidence as you clarify and embody your desires.

We'll spend 3 months working closely together as you learn and implement the emotional, spiritual, somatic, and practical tools needed to feel more present and inspired as you take tolerable steps toward the life you envision for yourself.

• 3 60-90 minute one-on-one coaching + healing calls with me (1 call per month). We can go as deep as you're comfortable and willing to go here.

• Weekly check-ins with video feedback to support you where you feel stuck.

• Weekday messaging access for those in-between moments when you have a question or need guidance

• Relevant resources to support you in feeling your best (think custom meditation and hypnosis tracks, personalized journal prompts, somatic and mindfulness exercises, etc.)

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for open-minded + introspective souls

investment options:

1-time, payment-in-full: $850

3 monthly payments of $296

mai chung

"Melissa’s energy is very calming and welcoming. I immediately felt I could share anything with her. She actively listens without judgment to what you say but also intuits things you haven’t said. Before working with Melissa, I struggled with trust. I came to Melissa with problems and how I thought they should be resolved. It takes a huge amount of trust to let go of control, but allowing Melissa to guide me on what needs to be healed at the time and pace that is just right, regardless of what I think I need, has helped me feel more confident about what I'm capable of."

balanced connections, Reiki Practitioner + Life Coach

mindset coach + website copywriter

"Before my session with Melissa, I was really struggling to balance the stress currently in my personal life with showing up for my business in a way that feels good. The Mindfulness meditation with Melissa was EXACTLY what I needed to realign, relax and get back in touch with source (which I feel I was out of touch with!) If you're considering working with Melissa, JUST DO IT. The second you experience one of her healing sessions you'll KNOW you're in the right place. Melissa is an absolute ray of light in my life, both personally and professionally, and I don't know what I would do without her and her powerful gifts!"

lauren osselton

dave ellis

new life now, life coach + financial consultant

"Melissa's confidence, her soft voice, but excellent communication skills make her the perfect person to help you. There are many coaches out there but as a coach myself, I would only seek another holistic coach and healer. I have had an exciting life and fulfilled many of my dreams, but I want to make sure this next chapter is right. Melissa helped me gain clarity through relaxation, guided imagery and other skills. I would encourage you to work with her, she genuinely cares about you as a person."

nadine loraine

client love

founder, wholistic pantry by nadine

"Melissa is kind, compassionate and very thorough. I found she held a very calming energy for our session and brought a lot of like-minded women together for our meditation group which was a safe feeling. I was experiencing monkey mind and preparing for a trip, so I feel like for weeks I was running from errand to errand. Coming to the group was divinely timed as I feel it gave me the chance to slow down and truly tap into some clarity and peace I was needing. I trust working with her will be helpful for others too because she holds that pure intent with everything she does."

ready to gain clarity and feel more harmony in your life?

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