subconscious and somatic coaching + healing

reconnect with your inner leader, build self-trust + inner-peace

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you desire to feel more present and connected to yourself and the world around you

to tend to YOUR WELLBEING more regularly

to live intentionally and mindfully

and to trust your inner-knowing.

maybe You can vividly picture your version of ease and fulfillment...

But the process of progressing toward your desires may feel overwhelming and unclear.

You want to feel more in tune with your innermost values and purpose, and take steps to embody them.

above all, you want to feel more at peace in your day-to-day life.

you are worthy of experiencing wellness in your mind, body, and spirit.

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I'm a certified holistic life coach and healer who specializes in subconscious, somatic, spiritual healing and mindfulness coaching. I’m here to compassionately support you to nurture yourself, your wellbeing, and your desires. My mission is to help you reconnect with your inner leader so you can experience a deeper sense of inner-peace.  With loving guidance, you'll embody more of your desired values, all while moving at a pace that feels good for your nervous system.

In addition to helping you to live your most peaceful and fulfilling life possible, I enjoy baking vegan desserts, watching gorgeous Florida sunsets, and cuddling up with my dog, Onyx.

hi, i'm melissa

reconnect with and embody your values, build trust and confidence in yourself, and enjoy the journey of living your version of peace every day.

it's great to meet you!

"After working with Melissa for a few months, I definitely feel more confident about what I am capable of. I am also able to relax more, enjoy the little moments, and not feel anxious if I don’t have every step of the way figured out." 

- mai chung

Balanced Connections, Reiki Practitioner + Life Coach

"Melissa is personable and genuinely cares about you as a person. From the moment you start your conversation with her, you know she is listening to you. For me, that is incredibly important and a rarity in our busy world. She helped me clear inner-blockages and gain clarity when my mind felt at a crossroads."

- dave ellis

new life now, life coach + Financial consultant

"Melissa has such a positive vibe & one of the most calming voices I've ever heard. She was incredible! I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking to reduce stress & improve their mental & emotional health! You will not be disappointed!"

- andrea balcunas

executive virtual support

"Melissa is my go-to healer and meditation expert. There's just something about her approach that is absolutely magical. Perhaps it's the fact that she somehow has the sweetest most comforting nature while still being incredibly powerful and intuitive!"

- lauren osselton

website copywriter + Mindset coach

"Melissa is so calming, reassuring, and knowledgeable. I learn so much about mindset, meditation, and self-care from Melissa. I will definitely work with her again."

- amanda kime

youtube va + video editor

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